Word Smoke Alarm 2.1

Word Smoke Alarm 2.1

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Bluetooth Smoke Alarm

 Model No. WORD Smoke Alarm 2.1
Power AC 200-240V 50/60Hz
3VDC lithium battery CR123A
Operate current AC Max 0.05A DC <5uA (Standby)<50mA (Alarm)
Sound level >85dBat 3 meters
Sound pattern ISO8201
Smoke sensitivity 0.11-0.17dB/m
Directional depending <1.5
Silence time 8~15 min
Size Φ120*40mm
Wireless mode

Product characteristics

  • Compliance with AS3786,EN14604
  • Compact size, outline size is Ø120*40mm
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Power with both of AC mains and battery
  • 10 long-life battery
  • Digital technology, LESS false alarm
  • Up to 48 Pcs interconnection in a network
  • Perfect compatible with existing AC smoke alarm
  • Insect-proof nest to prevent insects entering the sensor