Meet a variety of home improvement needs and smart experience to bring value-added services

WOMO SYSTERN features smart Dimmer switche,lights,ceiling fans,bathroom heaters,which can be controlled from the Roome App on your smart device and voice controllable.Devices connect only when needed, using Bluetooth Low Energy. All functions can still be used in the traditional way via switches on the wall. These simple innovative products provide a level of convenience to enhance your life.

  • Timers
  • Multi-way control
  • Personale ligishting scenes
  • Remote control
  • Voice control

                            VARIOUS SMART LIGHTING AND

                            ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS

Roome cooperates with global quality brands and major manufacturers. We can supply smart lighting

  • MORAL Dimmer
  • MORAL Switch
  • MORAL LED Module
  • MORAL OMNI Retrofit
  • MORAL OMNI Spotlight
  • WORD Switch
  • WORD Power Repeater
  • WORD Univeral Fan Remote
  • WORD LED Module
  • WORD OMNI Retrofit
  • WORD OMNI Spotlight
  • WORD Smoke Alarm
  • E-Bridge
  • WOMO Strip light
  • OMNI Frame
  • OMNI Accessory
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The WOMO system is DIY system which let
ROOME products,ROOME App and our cloud
communicate with each other via radio and
cable together. You can control a range of
functions and set schedules around your home
using Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or
tablet to make life easier.Also can be Voice
control through Amazon Alexa® or Google
Home® smart speakers.


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